How To Play

How The Tournament Works?

Following the regular college basketball season, 68 teams are selected to compete for the National Title. 31 of these teams receive automatic berths for winning their respective Conferences with 37 teams awarded at large bids.

Prior to the start of the tournament, four play-in games are held to determine the remaining four slots. These games are not included in our Bracket challenge.

Each team is then 'seeded' one through sixteen throughout four regions. First round match ups are determined by seed number with the 1 seed in each round playing the 16 seed, 2 playing the 15 seed, 3 playing the 14 seed and so on.

The tournament is single elimination; once a team loses they are out while the winner advances to play another winner until only two teams remain vying for the National Title.

How to Play

Once signed in, users will be presented with a bracket consisting of all 64 teams (with play-in games to have both teams until result is determined). Users will fill out their bracket in full, selecting one team per game to advance to the next round until all rounds are completed and a National Champion is selected. Users will then be asked to submit a final score for the Championship Game in case a tie-breaker is necessary. In the event of a tie the user with the lowest point differential for both combined teams will be declared the winner.*

Upon close of registration, all brackets will be locked. The official tournament bracket will be updated as games are played and points will be awarded to users accordingly. See below for official scoring rules.

*Example: If "User A" selects the final score to be 64-61, and "User B Selects 72-71, and the final score is 65-63, "User A's" point differential would be 3 while "User B's" would be 15, making "User A" the winner.

When Does The Tournament Start?

Teams are selected on Sunday, March 17, 2013 and shortly afterwards (about 9 PM EST) brackets will unlock and users will be able to make their selections. The selection process runs through until the first game begins on Thursday, March 21st at 1 PM, at which time all brackets will lock again in preparation for the first game. Users are encouraged to pre-register for the tournament for regular updates on start times as well as exclusive offers and content.

How the Tournament Works?

Scoring per round will work on an exponential sequence (2-3-5-8-13-21) + (seed number x round number) in order to reward underdog picks.

*Example: #10 Kentucky wins in the first round. A correct pick is awarded with 2 points + (10 Points x 1 point) for a total of 12 points. If they win in the second round a correct pick would be awarded 3 points + (10 points x 2 points) for a total of 23 points. Similarly if #1 Florida won both rounds they would be awarded 2 points + (1 point x 1 point) for a total of 4 points in the first round and, 3 points + (1 point x 2 points) for a total of 5 in the second.

Scoring systems per round are as follows:
- Round 2: 2 Points + (1 Point x Seed Number)
- Round 3: 3 Points + (2 Points x Seed Number)
- Round 4: 5 Points + (3 Points x Seed Number)
- Round 5: 8 Points + (4 Points x Seed Number)
- Round 6: 13 Points + (5 Points x Seed Number)
- Round 7: 21 Points + (6 Points x Seed Number)


Registration is open to adults over the age of 18 and residing in the continental U.S. and Canada. Registrants must provide a valid email, fill out all required fields in the entry form and agree to's Rules & Regulations.

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